Monday, 22 February 2010

Opportunity Missed, but nice Mammoth Coffee

So, for a couple of weeks we had been planning a road ride, 100km using Mercia CCs route, Sunday 21st February chosen, 7am start from the Chase, giving ourselves a steady 5 hours so we can include a cake stop!. 6am, text, "have u looked outside?", I hadn't, and wished I hadn't when I did, 3" of lovely white snow, 100kms on the road didn't look a good idea.

Quick rethink and the trusted Mercian Canyon was in the car ready for Chase/Snow fun, and what a good few hours we had, a highlight riding down a sledge filled slope! A coffee with Gary at Mammoth, we resisted cake though, warmed us a little. A good mornings riding after all, if not the miles I wanted for Cheshire Cat training.

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