Monday, 15 February 2010

Commute 15th February

ok, manged two days last week so am aiming to at least double that this week!

Off to an ok start, dry, little chilly but little wind so happy................................. until that is I am less than 1/2 a mile from work. I always take my time once on the Industrail Estate and today it proved wise, pedalling along, car pulled over to the left, which then pulls in front of me!, right across to right hand side of the road, brakes full on I was slidding right into him side on, I spotted a worker from the Auctions, waving both arms I guess trying to warn the driver! As we came to a stop I was non too pleased ready for giving him all, but his window came down, his colour gone and obviously shocked and very, very sorry, so a quick "ok and next time use your mirrors" and I was away. Had I been going any quicker than I was there was no way I could have avoided him and I would ended up on the deck, god knows which side of the car! Ride home was less eventful, but wet, so a good drying session upon return home.

Tuesday, cold but dry, a great sunset to ride home into was all I can really say. Home and quick change whilst wolfing a piece of "home baked" Chocolate cake - Nice - then off to "Spin Class", no Motorhead or "Freebird" so was "steady"!

And that was that, Wednesday was a planned car day, but the forecast for Thursday was "heavy" snow, all day the sun was out and I regretted the car choice, but at 4ish the snow began, right choice after all then. Friday was wet & icey so opted for the car again. We have a good ride planned for Sunday, weather permitting, so will hopefully make up some "lost" miles from this week.

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