Monday, 30 March 2009


Hello, a quick update. Two weeks on from the 1/2 marathon and looking to get running again as this week just under 4 weeks until the 10k, uping the cycle distance / time and have ventured out with the a local Triathlon Club on their Sunday ride. (oh, in two weeks put on 4lbs)

Fundraising has slowed up a bit so need to spend some time getting this back on track, as (only) just over 1/5 so far.

Anyways the light nights are upon us which will make us feel a lot better no doubt!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Stafford 1/2 Marathon

15th March 2009 - Stafford 1/2 Marathon 2.03.26
Missed my "sub" 2 hour target, but took 6 mins off last years time. Here I am in my "home made" BHF / AFC shirt which is very RED! This was at about the 2 mile mark and feeling not too bad!
As a race, very well organised and lots of support, even one guy offering Free Cider!, with a warm day to boot. The event ended on a sad note though which puts my 3.26 over time in perspective. After just finishing a 47 year old man suffered a heart attack (I dont know full details so sorry if I have got this wrong) and died later in hospital, am sure all thoughts with his family and friends. As with Steve, and so many others, taken before time and leaving such sadness..................... so live today like its your last, have no regrets, after all, the saddest words? "if only I`d......................."

Thursday, 12 March 2009


A quickie - the online sponsorship, which I thought was very simple, you pick my name from a list, and then away you went with card details etc........... ARRGHH.. they have changed it and the option to select the person you wish to sponsor (ME) appears near the end, after you have entered your card details etc -

Names are selected from -


I would like to support - (select from dropdown box) Simon Miller

Not half as user friendly in my humble view!, CAF claim this is better system?

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hearts First Walk - Calke Abbey

Sunday 1st March and the BHF "Hearts First" walk with Rachel, Helen and "gang". Rachel is my late friends wife, Helen Godmother to the his twins, Matthew & Samuel, and out of all my events planned I thought this could be the hardest from a emotional point of view, but with smiles warmed by the sun I shouldnt have worried. The gang of six set off (after a small delay for press photos) in the snake of 750 people there as we were, in a small way to remember and be thankful, for those who we have lost, but more importantly for those we still have.

(I hope she dosn`t mind me saying) but Rachel continues with such strengh and courage, I know supported by June, Helen and all of Steve`s family, but she deserves all the good luck in the world now and I hope among your own daily stress and strife you can spare a thought and send it her way.

The walk, 10 miles in three hours, which we were all pleased with and we have to thank all concerned with a well run event.

Please see link -

The following link is part of the walk we did -

This week in history - 1st - The Bank 0f England Nationalised - 1946, 2nd - First test flight of Concorde - 1969, 2nd - Jon Bon Jove born - 1962, 3rd - Oil discovered in Saudi Arabia - 1938, 7th -The BBC News broadcast in colour for the first time - 1968.