Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Last Day - A Short Ride?

So, this is it, the final day, 77kms. After the night before, the start of the ride was "gentle". To our right, for most of the day, we would have the Red Sea, this meant more wind though and another tough day. For the first few km the road was busy with trucks heading for Cairo, but as they turned inland we were left pretty much to our selves, only the odd UN white Hummer passing us. The group soon strung out with several groups fighting the wind. Shortly before the first water stop a two groups had an encounter with an angry, "rabid" dog which saw their pace quicken somewhat as they tried to leave him behind!, the story meant for the rest of the day the sight of a four legged friend was met with a rapid upping of the pace!
We don't know if in the mind, most agreed that today was the hardest, hills, wind and also the fact that the all inclusive hotel was getting ever closer. Aching legs, sore bums all were seemingly twice as bad today. At one point I may have well as been going backwards dropped from the front group and then caught and dropped by the second, but I wast the only one as lone cyclists littered the road.
A long downhill, forced to pedal though as the wind was fully in the face was followed by a real slog up, but then the road swung and a downhill that could be coasted, I skipped a photo opportunity and went for it up the next hill, short but sharp leading to another descent, the road dropped and the rose, and as it rose I could make out people some walking some riding, the hill was the end the final push of the week, and as we made it to the end the cheers went up, getting more the louder as more of us made it in.
And that was it, a night & morning tourist like by the pool, then 7 hours + return to Cairo. It was, all agreed a great week with some great people, some keen to register for the next event, some happy to have done this, Facebook addresses taken, photo sharing website promised, reunion planned ......... but most of all in the head memories of a truly wonderful adventure, thank you all.

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