Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Thunder Run - Not Much Thunder

Saturday 25th saw me "racing" in the Thunder Run, a 10k "off road" event held at Catton Park. The 10 O`Clock start was preceeded by a heavy downpour which made for a slippy surface and just before the 1k mark I ended up face down, and after a slow rise to my feet a painful ankle as a result! My target, as "off road" was sub 1 hour, and after jogging the very nice route, having to walk some of the steeper down hills to protect my ankle, I finished in 56mins, so was quite happy!

The event was well organised and as part of the Enduro Six weekend was plenty happening, have a look at for some pictures.

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Great how good the sun makes you feel! even work feels a little easier!

As I write this, it is St Georges Day, quite apt as I find myself in a battle with the great Dragon that is Fund Raising!, I am currently in the middle of addressing letters far and wide and revisiting "old" friends as my figure needs a good boost. A few ideas I had haven't proven to be "goers" so back to the drawing board.

Two days until the Thunder Run 10k at Catton Park, part of Pat Adams "Enduro 6" weekend, which sees lots of Mountain Biking as well as the run, the venue is just of the A38 between Burton & Lichfield, start time 10.30am on Saturday if you need a laugh!

(oh, Unicycle - still not managed even a revolution!)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Onwards & Upwards

What a great weekend, good weather and generally a "goodie". Good Friday saw me "cave in" to my daughters birthday request - we now have a puppy -I must be mad!, managed a good run though. Saturday was family day and also first "ride" on Lidl`s finest unicycle - this is going to be fun. Sunday saw a gang of six walk up and around Kinder Scout a great walk and really nice day, but as busy as I had seen it in years.
Monday, up and out on Mountain Bike and a couple of hours "hills" on Cannock Chase, must take camera next week as guessing the Bluebells will be out in force, after ride and puppy training a quick unicycle lesson - still going nowhere - then to allotment.

Hope your weekend was as good!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Spring has Sprung

Hello, two weeks since my last update, where did they go! Seams not had time to do much....... Parties, Gigs, Allotment..........the list goes on, but have managed to get more cycling in and hoefully can use the Easter break to kick start both the training and more importantly the fund raising as still a way to go.