Monday, 23 February 2009

More Running..........

More running, well jogging!, last weeks 2 hour 10min off road effort was great fun actually, if some what tough. I worked out with my "map skills" approx 14 miles so am hopefull my "Sub" 2 hour "1/2" is on target - 1 hour 59mins 59secs counts in my book! I keep teeling myself that all the running is a good platform for the cycling to come, which I hope to start in earnest this week (?) The sponsorship appears to have a hit a wall so will be reviewing my tactics on this front in a hope to kick start the £`s (in fact i sponsored more than I got sponsored last week!)

Sinai artical in March issue of National Geographic -

This week in history - 26th - Bank of England issues first £1.00 note - 1797, 26th - Barings Bank Collapes (Nick Leeson) - 1995, 27th - The British Labour Party founded - 1900.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Thanks to Warren Bailey for his continued support of my fundraising. Founder of ZipVit, ( a supplier of Vitamins, Minerals and Sports Nutrition, Warren, along with wife Veronica, is no stranger to Charity Events, as a past participant of Race the Sun and a London to Paris cycle (in support of Action Medical Research, for who he has raised many £1000.00`s) I think he understands both the physical effort and that required to raise the sponsorship. .

2009 is an exciting year for ZipVit as they are sponsors of the CERVELO cycling team who riders inculde Olympic Gold Medal winners - Kirstin Armstrong & Brett Lancaster along with the winner of the 2008 TOUR DE FRANCE Carlos Sastre (pictured) and British riders Daniel Fleeman, Daniel Lloyd, Emma Pooley (2nd 2008 Olympics), Jeremy Hunt & Roger Hammod (Bristish Champion)..

SO if you need any Vitamins, Minerals or Sports Nutrition, can I ask that you take a look at the website - youll be in good company!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Suitable desert training - NOT!

So, a cycle ride through the Sinai, Egypt, hot, sweaty, dusty, dry......... the images roll on, so training at the moment with more layers than your average "pass the parcel" parcel hardly seams appropriate with fingers so cold that I am sure I have frost bite, but two hours "off road" in the white stuff yesterday was, I have to say, great fun and I want be too sad if we get some more to play in!
Thanks to all who have sponsored thus far, I will update the list as I get the statement from AFC.

(oh, the photo is from Italy a little while ago!)

This week in history - 8th - Mary Queen of Scots executed - 1575, 11th - Nelson Mandela is freed after 27 years - 1990, 12th - Lady Jane Grey beheaded - 1554.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Cold Run

Oh, its cold, its snowing................ "come on you`ll soon be back" that little voice says, 2 hours 10minutes later I do indeed "crawl" back!, feeling a little uneasy, then I reviewed my "fuel" intake for the day - 2 wheatabix, two slices of toast, a bit of chocolate - no wonder I was flagging a bit, must remember to have a bit more on board next time!
1st February the year is already flying by and the list of events is getting closer, 28 days until the 10 mile Heart Foundation Walk at Calke Abbey, 42 days until the Stafford 1/2, 83 days until Thunder Run 10k, 133 days until Roughride and 279 until Sinai Ride.
This week in History - 2nd - Sky TV plc launched - 1989, 4th - Facebook the social networking site is founded - 2004, 5th - Royal Greenwich Observatory begin boardcasting the hourly time signals, the BBC "pips" -1924, 6th - Munich Air Disaster 8 Man. Utd. Players lost 1958.