Friday, 12 February 2010

Commute 8th February 2010

No ride to work last week, which after getting my new "bikescheme" bike is gaining me some ribbing at work, but made the effort this week. A early ride on the "Boardman" Sunday morning was cold but pleasant, the first few snowdrops popping through a sign that Spring must be getting closer.

Seven weeks until the Cheshire Cat so I need some "big" miles and hills soon, but they will have to wait. Monday morning bright and early and a good ride in, hands a little chilly but soon forgotten.
Homeward bound, still light!, not for long, but enough time for me to spot a follow cyclist ahead, catch and drop him with a cheery "hello", but my smile didn't last long as I was then caught and dropped with a cheery "hello" by another rider, I hung on to his wheel for a while but the elastic snapped and he was gone.

Tuesday night is Spin Night, a full class tonight, bit different to last week when just three of us, finished with Motorhead "Ace of Spades". Wednesday bike to work again. Trip in ok, but return was the worst for a long while. Leaving once again in the light, a steady pedal, but around half way home the roads become white, the afternoons snow still laying. I steadied up somewhat, the roads worsening to "black ice", with cars still whizzing past!, a small hill under normal conditions now a challenge to stay upright, still it took my mind from my frozen fingers.

My hour and a bit journey into 1 hour 40mins, still it was a challenge and will make the next ride seam easier!

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