Friday, 15 January 2010

Sinai - more tall tales..............

So in my last entry regarding the epic ride that was the Sinai Cycle, we were in Cairo. Sunday was a long day, first a quick visit to the Pyramids. Quite a shock to find them so close to the city and, I know this shouldn't be a shock, but how busy they where. The greatest difficulty after getting past the numerous "street vendors" was trying to a get a picture without masses of people / buses!

Cairo, what a mess!, I hadn't expected quite the sight and extent of the rubbish, every street a wash with it. We left the city behind and started the 6 hour coach trip to Sunday nights hotel, not a lot to see, so sleep became the order of the day, a brief "comfort" stop before venturing under the Suez Canal, the dividing line between Africa & Asia, and a chance to grab some rather nice ice cream.

We finally left the main road behind and began eagerly looking for our Hotel, like a group of package tour Holiday makers. Here we are, quite nice, very quiet and I think open just for us. A little stroll before the sunset found us on a beach, sun loungers, beach bar (closed) and, of coarse, the sea, within minutes a couple of us had changed and where enjoying an evening swim, just the ticket after such a long coach ride. Those not for the water, soon found a bar with TV, showing football, Manchester Utd playing! After a shower, dinning room found and a very nice buffet dinner. We then retired for the main event briefing, and the realisation of what we where to undertake came over us all, still that was soon forgotten and the bar revisited! This was our first chance to have opportunity to have a good chat, and after a few (small) beers the talk gave way to much laughter as stories of past trips & training tales gave us a smile to go to bed on.

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