Friday, 22 January 2010

Commute 18th January 2010

Commuting update -

Monday 18th, first cycle commute of the year (and only second ride of any sort!) and was glad to be back in the saddle a little chilly but pleasant, remembered to take charger so as not to be riding home without lights! Tuesday followed, but a little different as had to take Midget for MOT, so new Boardman was dismantled and carefully stashed in the Midget, so as to ride the 12 miles or so from the garage to work. (Oh, joy it past the MOT) Still getting the Boardman set up, seat position wise and need a good distance ride to really settle down the set up, but appears as good as the reviews.

Weds & Thurs where car days, Friday up and cycle gear on, stepped outside to let out the Chickens, pouring down with rain. This was forecast, but over my Wheetabix, decided that the car would be a better option today and so drove to work with a guilt trip as the weather improved and was dry by the time I reached work!

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