Monday, 18 January 2010

Sinai Update Monday - Bike Day

So, the day is at last upon us and its another hot one, a lazy start as we take it turns to choose a bike, fit pedals, saddle etc.... We, as a group, had a lot of "tall" people, more then we had large bikes, so extra beach time while we waited for these to come. The bikes, "ok", not quite "Apollo", but I not think I would have challenged them to any real Mountain Biking!

Day one was a short sprint of 50km, a water stop at "approx" 25km, then to our overnight in a Bedouin tent on the shores of the Red Sea. The group soon spread out, amazingly so. Some keen to get the pedals racing, others happy to ease their way into the riding. Chatting away I found myself at the back, the tailwind making for an easy pedal and whilst the roads where busy they where flat and pothole free, but this didn't stop one of our number hitting the dirt a few kms in resulting in a fine array of bruises! As we rejoined the coast I picked up the pace and spent the remaining kms to the water stop catching and riding with the various groups spread along the road.

After the water stop, the pace picked up a little, with the stronger cyclists showing themselves, another crash keeping Doc. Brian busy, whilst two flats for Mike kept the mechanic in work.
Trying to catch the front group after a comfort stop, I found myself riding alone, enough curve in the road to not be able to see the group in front or behind. In time I began to wonder if I had missed the turn to the camp, but a sight we soon all longed to see soon came into view, the yellow tshirt of one of the "guides". A short ride "off road" found me with the first arrivals at the beach camp.

With little tide in the Red Sea the camp was right on the shore, and no time mattress where "bagged" cycle gear off and swim wear on! The smell of Sulphur filled the air, we where right by natural "springs" and several off us soon coated ourselves in the black smelly, but very warm - mud!

The sun was setting rapidly and dropping with it the temperature, so after getting dried off the queue for dinner formed, those new to head torches blinding all around, but with a failing generator they were positivity a necessity.
By 8.00 most of us were tooked up in our sleeping bags, most pulled out of the tent and under the stars, ready for the 125km day tomorrow.

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