Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hearts First Walk - Calke Abbey

Sunday 1st March and the BHF "Hearts First" walk with Rachel, Helen and "gang". Rachel is my late friends wife, Helen Godmother to the his twins, Matthew & Samuel, and out of all my events planned I thought this could be the hardest from a emotional point of view, but with smiles warmed by the sun I shouldnt have worried. The gang of six set off (after a small delay for press photos) in the snake of 750 people there as we were, in a small way to remember and be thankful, for those who we have lost, but more importantly for those we still have.

(I hope she dosn`t mind me saying) but Rachel continues with such strengh and courage, I know supported by June, Helen and all of Steve`s family, but she deserves all the good luck in the world now and I hope among your own daily stress and strife you can spare a thought and send it her way.

The walk, 10 miles in three hours, which we were all pleased with and we have to thank all concerned with a well run event.

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The following link is part of the walk we did -

This week in history - 1st - The Bank 0f England Nationalised - 1946, 2nd - First test flight of Concorde - 1969, 2nd - Jon Bon Jove born - 1962, 3rd - Oil discovered in Saudi Arabia - 1938, 7th -The BBC News broadcast in colour for the first time - 1968.

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  1. those that have passed away will live forever in the hearts of those who loved them, during my last 2 weekends of cycling the stiperstones( which was hard going at times) i was convinced my brother was looking down chuckling to himself at his little sister all red faced and out of breath.lol........
    i am thinking the sinai sunrise watching is going to be an emotional experience, i have a friend who has been there and says it does have an effect on you.

    keep up the good works si.
    take care