Sunday, 15 March 2009

Stafford 1/2 Marathon

15th March 2009 - Stafford 1/2 Marathon 2.03.26
Missed my "sub" 2 hour target, but took 6 mins off last years time. Here I am in my "home made" BHF / AFC shirt which is very RED! This was at about the 2 mile mark and feeling not too bad!
As a race, very well organised and lots of support, even one guy offering Free Cider!, with a warm day to boot. The event ended on a sad note though which puts my 3.26 over time in perspective. After just finishing a 47 year old man suffered a heart attack (I dont know full details so sorry if I have got this wrong) and died later in hospital, am sure all thoughts with his family and friends. As with Steve, and so many others, taken before time and leaving such sadness..................... so live today like its your last, have no regrets, after all, the saddest words? "if only I`d......................."

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