Monday, 23 February 2009

More Running..........

More running, well jogging!, last weeks 2 hour 10min off road effort was great fun actually, if some what tough. I worked out with my "map skills" approx 14 miles so am hopefull my "Sub" 2 hour "1/2" is on target - 1 hour 59mins 59secs counts in my book! I keep teeling myself that all the running is a good platform for the cycling to come, which I hope to start in earnest this week (?) The sponsorship appears to have a hit a wall so will be reviewing my tactics on this front in a hope to kick start the £`s (in fact i sponsored more than I got sponsored last week!)

Sinai artical in March issue of National Geographic -

This week in history - 26th - Bank of England issues first £1.00 note - 1797, 26th - Barings Bank Collapes (Nick Leeson) - 1995, 27th - The British Labour Party founded - 1900.

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