Sunday, 1 February 2009

Cold Run

Oh, its cold, its snowing................ "come on you`ll soon be back" that little voice says, 2 hours 10minutes later I do indeed "crawl" back!, feeling a little uneasy, then I reviewed my "fuel" intake for the day - 2 wheatabix, two slices of toast, a bit of chocolate - no wonder I was flagging a bit, must remember to have a bit more on board next time!
1st February the year is already flying by and the list of events is getting closer, 28 days until the 10 mile Heart Foundation Walk at Calke Abbey, 42 days until the Stafford 1/2, 83 days until Thunder Run 10k, 133 days until Roughride and 279 until Sinai Ride.
This week in History - 2nd - Sky TV plc launched - 1989, 4th - Facebook the social networking site is founded - 2004, 5th - Royal Greenwich Observatory begin boardcasting the hourly time signals, the BBC "pips" -1924, 6th - Munich Air Disaster 8 Man. Utd. Players lost 1958.


  1. hiya si,

    well done to you for getting out there in the first place, but i agree you were slightly silly only filling your body with that little amount of fuel.
    hubby and his mate did a ride over the stiperstones saturday, and they stupidly forgot their water and a energy snack.MEN!!!!!
    Anyway hubby reckons i should be able to manage it when its a bit drier, they went through a lot of built up sheep droppings.bit
    you amaze me with your energy.......dont think i will be seeing much of you on this ride, you will be up front with the leaders and i will keeping up the rear........oh well i guess there is a job for all of us.i am looking forward to meeting everyone and doing the ride....this is my first charity ride./
    take care

  2. Am sure you will be fine, the joy of the event is both riding up front, in the middle and at the back, after all its as much about the people your riding with as the ride!, positive "girls" always seam to out perform the fit "boys" you wait and see!

  3. i hope you are right.
    i am hoping to get to a level of fitness where i can enjoy not endure the ride.and i am sure there will be some fun characters in the group......

  4. Hi Si,
    I'm intending to be there for the training day, would be good to know when and where it is though.
    I've decided to sign up for a 70m ride in June around the Cotswolds so I've something closer to aim towards so I'm going to have to get the miles up. Shame the snow isn't going anywhere!
    Hope the training and sponsorship goes well. I'll keep an eye on your blog!
    Take care