Monday, 22 March 2010

Commuting 22nd March

So its Monday, now less than one week to the Cheshire Cat, although a good ride just short of 50 miles yesterday, it has confirmed to me that the 70 mile option is the one, espeacally as I may not be able to get and sign on Saturday afternoon, and therefore I would guess, leaving the early start times all gone. Yesterdays ride took in Burton, Ashby and Tamworth and although starting in the fog the sun was well and truly up and out by the time I roll home.

Mondays ride in was a little windy with gusts from all directions, "going home could be fun", but am hopeful that the lights can now be cleaned and put away until next season or maybe the odd night ride over the "Chase". As I thought Mondays ride back was fully into the wind and so a slow one.......... late for tea! Tuesday and the frost back, still at least on the bike you dont need to scrape the windows!, half way in and sunglass out, a nice morning ride despite the cold, the evening ride home was wind aided so a pleasure. A steady 30mph along the "bypass" had a lorry "stuck" behind me, but was a great pull along as we hit the 40 zone and he went passed, my legs giving up the chase after holding 35mph for a short distance!

Thursday was damp, but the sun promised to get through the clouds. There are more riders on my route now, all in the opposite direction, I can count 6 regulars and a few who make the occaisonal journey. Riding home looked like it was going to wet, but once on the road the a good tailwind more than made up for the dampness!, and home in no time.

Sunday see`s the Cheshire Cat, an early start due the clocks going forward, good excuse for a lazy day tomorrow..... I wish, but will make some "MG" time as have entered the owners Club Kimber run on 20th June, some 80 miles through Derbyshire starting from Chatsworth House, so have some TLC to provide!

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