Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Commuting 15th March 2010

After a "poor" week last week due my neck pain (as opposed to me being the pain in the neck!) a good start to the week. A steady 40 miles, taking in Burton, over the weekend set me up nicely for the week ahead.

Monday dawned clear and so chilly, but a good tailwind made for a enjoyable ride, the return though was into a headwind, enough to slow me up. Tuesday and pushing the Dawes out of the garage noticed a flat rear, but lifting the Boardman down was soon away, a thought to the return leg though when I might be wishing for some lights! Less than two weeks until the Cheshire Cat, at this point, the devil on my left shoulder is suggesting I take the 67 mile option, the angel on the right says stick to the 100, me, am split down the middle. If I take the "its training for the Dragon Ride" option, then the 100 miles it is, if I think "you dont want to be last" the 67 miles comes out the winner...... think I will consider at the weekend, anyway time for "ZV8" bar and banana "chaser" for ride home fuelling.

Another windy ride home, but Spring must be upon us..... the local "outdoors" store has its tent display "up" and a mouth full of flys is a sure sign the season is turning!

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