Monday, 30 November 2009

And Away We Go!

7th November, here at last and the start (or end?) of the journey. 7.05am train down to Euston, listening to the days plans of a group of London "first timers", the vision of them racing up and down Oxford St. trying to find Harrods(!), getting off at the "next" tube stop, as one of them didn't manage get on at the last station, gave me something to smile about and passed the time away. In no time at all, only two stops on the way, I was heaving my bag through the Euston Station concourse and heading for a "Costa" has it seamed I had time in hand.

Meeting new people for all of us can be a little nervy, 32 of them all at once, knowing you have no escape for the next 9 days can make you question your sanity, however the 11.30 meet at Heathrow in no time at all seamed an age ago, as by the time we hit baggage check it felt that we had known each other for years as witty banter broke down the barriers and any remaining nerves.

Saturday, passed mainly in a blur of departure lounge daydream, in flight reading and dozing as, by the time we cleared the airport and stepped into Cairo, Sunday was upon us. The night drive across the city had us all staring out of the coach windows taking in the sights of a "new" city at night. The hotel was reached and the first challenge, who was your room mate! As on previous trips, I was lucky and was paired with Andy with who I shared many a laugh! although approaching 1 am we all elected to try some food, the fear of the rations ahead giving us added reason for getting good food while we could get it. (as it happened the food was great all week)

Time for the first of the weeks "moments", and it fell to me, well me and Andy. Wondering through the Hotel trying to find our room, Andy laughed that "wouldnt it be funny if we all had double beds", sideways look from me and a quick "dont be daft they will be twin rooms, always are"............. what do you do, call reception and complain demanding to be moved to a twin room or get your sleeping bags out and bed down.......... we opted for the latter! Now this in its self is not a major problem....... sitting at breakfast and telling the whole party was!, no matter how much I kicked under the table, Andy continued to give a blow by blow account!

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