Monday, 12 October 2009

The Big Count Down!

12 months ago I had no idea I would be embarking on this trip, and there are times when I forget why I undertook it, and when reality dawns I wish I wasn't, because then I would not need to mark the passing of Steve. We could still be seeing each other a couple of times a year making the usual promises of "I will call you" " we must do dinner", safe in the knowledge the cycle would continue with no need to fit "more" in, God, how one call can change so many lives in so many ways.

Under 4 weeks to go, September`s miles where down and I"missed" the organised training weekend, but with a couple of long rides planned I feel OK regarding the actual ride, the funds however are not looking good and I risk becoming a "Pain" in some quarters!

I have booked in for some Spin classes at the gym , these seam the "in thing", watch this space.....


  1. Hi, hope you got on with the Spinning ok! They really are fantastic especially when a 2/3/4 hour bike ride just seems like too much hard work!!! Why did you 'miss' the weekend?!

  2. Sorry, only just seen this!

    i had been in Brussells withy work, got back late Friday and, well could blame not getting a "passout" but failed!