Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Lovely day, and up too late to come in on the bike! opps..............

Just a bit of an up date really, thanks to all who have sponsored, to all who have promised some - now would be a good time!

Looks like I am to add the BHF Dark Peak Challenge to the "warm up" events. Starting from Edale the Extreme Route takes in 34 miles of ".....tough climbs and fast technical descents ...... conquer this and you`ll have earned "Elite" status.........." so should be a nice morning out then?

Also planned a trip around the Mary Towneley Loop. Lady Mary Towneley fought to hightlight the state of the county`s bridleways and was a campaigner for the The Pennine Bridleway. The route is approx 47 miles taking approx 7 - 8 hours, I will post the chossen date and if your free why not join me?

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