Friday, 16 January 2009

and so it goes on................

Week three, Training going ok so far and the sponsorship has started to drift in - thank you.

It appears that a local "off road" 10k - the Thunder Run at Catton Park - is also for the British Heart Foundation, so it may be I have another event to fit in, will keep you posted!

This week in History - 19th The last Beetle leaves VW`s Emden plant - 1978, 20th - English Parliment holds its first meeting in the Houses of Parliment - 1265, 22nd - Apollo 5 lifts off - 1968.


  1. Hi Simon! Following on from the email that Susan sent out today about our blogs, I thought I'd get in touch. Looks like you're well on your way with the training, although you're doing far more running than I will ever manage! Out of curiousity, how did you hear about my blog??
    I'll following your blog now to see how you're getting on. It would be good if you kept in touch.

  2. hiya,
    we will be cycling companions in nov along with many others, reading your blog is putting me to shame, i started out quite well in nov but have been slack all over xmas and then 2 weeks ago i was taken to hospital with kidney stones........but after reading your blog i am now geared up to get back into training, and letting my daughter take up the fundraising reins at the minute.
    take care andi will continue to follow both yours and lesleys blogs